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What is Rebel Africa? // About Us

Founded in 2018, Rebel Africa is an alliance created as a community for creatives of all types to share their art with the rest of the world. We are founded on the sole principle of freedom of expression and we aim to combat the boundaries and cultural stereotypes placed upon us, especially in the African community, where strict stereotypical career expectations have been known to stifle our creative voices.


Whether you're a screenwriter, filmmaker, musician, blogger, artist, graphic designer or the like, you are welcome to join #TeamRebel! In a world populated by seven billion human beings, no two stories are alike. And there is no better person to express your vision than you. So what are you waiting for? Join the team!! 


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Nigerian and proud, Jasmine is a Chicago based Screenwriter whose writing career is still in its early stages. Before seriously pursuing the entertainment industry, she played basketball collegiately and professionally, and earned herself 3 degrees in higher education, none of them bringing the level of satisfaction that she received when putting a pen to a page. As a new writer finding her way in the segregated streets of Chicago, she discovered the Midwestern film industry practically impenetrable, especially for women of color and those in the African community. Although she received plenty of support from immediate friends and family, she encountered many in the African community who disapproved of her decision to follow a creative career path. This sparked the creation of Rebel Africa. Though relatively new, her ambition outweighs her experience as she is currently finishing writing her 7th TV pilot as well as continuing development for her web series projected to film in 2019.    



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As a teenager and young adult growing up in Chicago, Elle Renee found comfort in writing as a form of emotional healing from the anxiety and depression she suffered, deeply stemming from her home life and past. What began as a hobby quickly grew into a passion, and while studying for her bachelors degree she realized that the areas of psychology and social work helped her empathize, listen, observe, reflect, think critically of and progress other people. She believes her earthly duty is to serve others, which speaks volumes to the brand she created in 2016, Vintage Minds. With VM, she uses blogging, photography and open forums for those struggling with mental health, and for those who simply need an open ear. Every single day, she goes against the grain and advocates for an isolated group of people. So what are you waiting for? Be a rebel.




While most creator's shy away from sharing their artwork, Kena's motivation grows from the affirmation of friends and loved ones after sharing content she's proud of. Her support system drove her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Northern Illinois University. While in college, Kena took advantage of the need for photography and graphic design on her campus and began freelancing before she was awarded a degree to tell her to do so. This helped develop her primary love for photography and increased her ability to capture friends, family, models, brands, public events and more all behind the lens of her camera. Her recent interest in film and television production has prompted her to collaborate with fellow Chicago artists for quality projects for the near future!!




While born and raised in a Greek household, Tessa Haldes has an accurate grasp on what it feels like to have the restraints of  culture and tradition try and halt her goals and ambitions.  After playing basketball for almost 2 decades including on the professional level, Tessa went against the grain and left the sport that she grew to love, despite outside forces swaying her to stay at the price of her happiness. Now with a Medical Paramedic Certificate in hand, she is on a current venture to complete her Master's degree in Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. As the Director of Business Affairs for Rebel Africa, Tessa conducts extensive research for the company's professional needs including finances, legal documentation and certification rights with accordance to the state. She also oversees technical and website maintenance.   


Tessa Haldes

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