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So Why Rebel?

The question is, why not?

This week we just want to feel each other out. This is a partnership. And in order for any partnership to work, both parties have to feel it right? Well, as previously stated, Rebel Africa is a platform for creatives of ALL types. Seriously guys, all. We welcome everyone from the shy cartoonist who only sketches on the side of his notebook, to the new youtuber with 12 proud subscribers.

According to Stefani Robinson of The Guardian, in 2017 only 4.8% of screenwriters in Hollywood were black. FOUR POINT EIGHT PERCENT!! You mean to tell me that we have so few stories to tell and such bitterly unbearably uninteresting lives, that it has become Uncle Tom's duty to ensure that 95.2% of Hollywood writers are white? I won't have it. And neither should you. Think about it. As people of color, we get "stereotype" "ghetto" "the angry black" thrown at us so much that the rest of the world truly believes that is exactly what our lives encompass.

And in the African community? Please. Sure we may get the "good stereotypes," the doctors, the lawyers and engineers. But that's not all we are. There are millions of people everyday with a burning passion to follow their creative calling and only a pointed, judgmental culture, blanketed with narrow "tradition" telling them that their voices do not matter. That their blog is simply a hobby. That their designs and customizations are merely side gigs and not profitable to the real world.

Well we're here to tell you that they in fact do matter. So whether you're European, Asian, African or Middle Eastern. You like it? Do it. Wanna start that business? Do it. Wanna write that book? Do it. Your culture says not to? Do it. Do it. Do it. And don't wait another minute.

Be a Rebel.

#RebelAfrica #Africa #BeARebel

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