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A Step Further, For Rodney Reed.

If you don’t follow us on the socials, we’d hope that you have at least seen media coverage elsewhere regarding the case of Rodney Reed. Reed, an innocent black man that was falsely imprisoned in 1998 for a rape and murder that he, drumroll please…did not commit. The victim Stacey Stites engaged in an affair with Reed while in a relationship with police officer Jimmy Fennell. If you’ve seen the news at all since news has been available to be seen, you know exactly how this is going to end.

The REAL suspect, Jimmy Fennell, was never charged for the heinous act, despite his literal confession after stating to prison inmates while on duty that he "I had to kill my n*****-loving fiancée." He was of course was let to lead a free, careless, happy life while the beginning of what seemed like the ned for Rodney commenced.

Now, in good ole 2019, under this good ole federal government administration and within this good ole Texas state law, Rodney Reed was sentenced to death by execution on this very day, November 20th, 2019. HOWEVER. Due to an amazingly headstrong, persistent nationwide movement led by Journalist and Civil Rights Activist Shaun King called The Action Pac, moves have been made, and people have banned together from all over to put a halt to the expected execution. Typing a simple Google or social media search with the hashtag “#FreeRodneyReed” will get you all of the information you need surrounding more details with the facts of the case, including direct access to Shaun King’s website and social media pages.

But for now, there’s an online virtual petition that you can sign in literally less than 30 seconds, simply agreeing to help join the Rodney Reed campaign. Some steps following the petition include direct phone numbers to Texas state government officials (including Governor Greg Abott, the most powerful decision maker in this case who has overturned an execution conviction before and can absolutely do it again,) AND a list of emails for these very same people. Rebel Africa has reached out by phone and email to the Texas Senate, Governor and other officials that hold power in this case, and we have the blocked emails to prove it.

*Pictured: Screenshot of blocked email from government official Walter Fisher's office.

You see that denied action?! It means we're doing something right. Despite tons of rejection emails and inauthentic automated messages, we did get one response. One. Although it may have been automated, or a quick response from an office assistant with a few minutes to spare after a coffee run, we respect Government official Lyle Lawson for the response. We hope he's truly listening.

*Pictured: Screenshot of response email from government official Lyle Larson office.

Going a step further than petitions, emails, or even phone calls, there were Well there you have it folks. Has the United States legal system supplied all of your social justice needs thus far? Cause it has for us.

That’s sarcasm. We’re being sarcastic.

So please, please educate yourselves on Rodney’s case and the thousands of other nameless cases that mirror his so we can do more than tweet. So we can make a stronger impact outside of Facebook, petitions or phone calls. Yes, we may only be “one person” or send “one email.” But a million “one persons” can become a force. Lets actually make change. Let’s go a step further.

Be a rebel.


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